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The Necessity of Page Rank

Posted on: June 18, 2009

It is frustrating indeed not to get the desired results, despite spending an astronomical amount in creating an impressive website, selling some excellent products, which may be better than your competitor, any you have all the necessary infrastructure and support system to provide matching after sales service. Yet, you are not able to match the sales figures of your competitor. Have you ever tried to analyze the reasons behind this? The main reason behind this could be that your potential customers are not being able to find you. This could be due to the low PR of your site. Your site lies buried deep under the other sites, when the surfers conduct a search for specific keywords.

The first and the foremost thing to do after setting up the website is to submit it to various Search Engines. These search engines will index your site according to the keywords, and will show it in the search results for those keywords. Initially your site may lie in the deeper pages. The key to success lies in bringing up your site on the first few pages when searched for specific keywords. It is here that the PR plays a very vital role. The sites with the higher PR show up above the rest of the sites with lower PR and get the creamier traffic, and thus the higher sales.

The importance of PR can never be overemphasized. The high PR helps to show up your site on the first pages of the search engines, and could guide a lot of potential customers to your site.

The high Page Rank helps to build up your reputation amongst your customers, who in turn will trust you more than the sites with a lower ranking.

Higher your Page Rank, more and more webmasters would vie to put your link on their sites resulting in even a higher flow of traffic.

The higher page rank, indicates the trust reposed by Google in your site, thus indicating that you are a trust worthy site to deal with.

There are various strategies, through which you can increase the PR, and direct a heavy flow of traffic to your site. Some of the unethical methods known as “Black Hat Techniques” such as URL cloaking, Keyword Stuffing etc should be totally avoided. They could give a temporary boost to the PR of your site, but in the long run, it could prove very disastrous. It could even lead to the banning of your site by the major search engines and do more harm than good.

The best way to build upon the page rank is to get the maximum number of incoming links to your site. But care should be taken to avoid dubious sites and link farms. You should try to get the links on the sites related to your line of trade. Say for example, if you own a personal insurance website, you could aim to get links from general insurance, medical insurance websites. If you set up a Links Directory on your site, Reciprocal Linking could speed up your work of getting the maximum number of links.

Directory Submissions, Article writing and their submissions to the Article Directories, Blogging, Forum Posting, RSS feeds, Press Releases are also very good ways to get your links on the quality sites, and thus increase the PR of your site, which in turn would translate into heavier traffic and larger sales.

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