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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engines have become part and parcel of the digital internet world. The very first thing to do while searching for any information on the internet, is to enter the relevant keywords on the Search Engine, and hit the “Search” button. In order to make the presence felt, everybody vies to occupy the top positions or listing on the first few pages, while the search is conducted for a particular keyword. This is exactly what the Search Engine Optimization is all about. Whether you are a big organization or a small scale industry, you need to make your presence felt on the Internet. We at LinkMasters4All offer you a complete solution in Search Engine Optimization.

The Search Engines regularly crawl the internet and index the sites according to the Meta Key Words and the overall content of the website. The Search Engines give weightage to the website, and decide its overall placement as per a complex formula based on the Meta key words, key word density, website content, number of sites linking to it etc. But care has to be taken so that key words are not over stuffed, else it could be construed as spamming by the search engines, resulting in your site getting banned by them.

Search Engine Optimization is a very specialized technique. Each and every page of the website needs to be optimized. The content has to be re-written, placing the keywords at strategic places to make it Search Engine friendly.

Some people have started using unethical or black hat techniques to jack up their rankings on the Search Engines. One of them includes the over stuffing of meta key words(even if they are not relevant to the content of the site). In order to make the site look normal, they type in the keywords with the same font color as the background, so that it remains invisible to the naked eye of the real person, but can be deciphered by the search engines, who according to the high keyword density of the relevant keywords, temporarily allocate high PR to that site. But once caught, the site is likely to be banned for ever by the search engines.

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